• Project Title: The Extent to which VPN's can be Used in the Future

  • BASIS Advisor: Mr. Glanzer

With so much of the world online, Cybersecurity at both the consumer and business levels is more important than ever. However, VPNs have a great amount of drawbacks present. On the consumer level, many governments around the world have outlawed them, restricting their usefulness and spread across the globe. In addition, there are many forms of cyber-attacks that can still be inflicted (e.g. phishing scams, cookie tracking, etc.). At the business level, many have encountered different problems. VPN’s are not designed for continuous use at such a large scale, and a lack of granular security could undermine the internal security of the company. In addition, the scale of the use of VPNs within the company comes with a high cost to maintain and does not always provide adequate results. I plan to examine whether the drawbacks of the VPN are worth the use of it. Through a cybersecurity internship secured with a telehealth company called Zyter, I will see the benefits and drawbacks of VPNs in person.