• Project Title: Fueled Up: A Study on Petroleum-Based Fuels and their Effects

  • BASIS Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Pittman

  • Internship Location: American Fuel and Petrol Chemical Manufacturers

  • Onsite Mentor: Don Thoren

My research project will focus on petroleum byproducts in preparation for my field of study in petroleum engineering at university. As preparation for my field of study, I want to observe the use of byproducts of crude oil with regard to fuels used for transportation. Global warming is occurring at an alarming rate, with fuel emissions being a primary factor. I would like to look at specific reasons why this is occurring through fuel usage. I would also like to see how global warming could be slowed. I plan to create a simplified and straightforward collection of data that answers “How are diesel oil and gasoline utilized and what has been their environmental effect in the last ten years?” The American Fuel and Petrol Chemical Manufacturers (AFPM) is a representative trade agency of the fuel industry in America. Working with them allows me to see the downstream petroleum industry and the work that goes into trade policy-making. The result will be that the use of fuels will be the same amount or increase over the past five to ten years, and the emissions will follow the same trends. This data will be collected and organized in a way that common consumers of gasoline and diesel and understand the effects of these pollutants and the extent of these effects.