• Project Title: Car Crashes and Cognition: How do Car Crashes Affect Us Mentally?

  • BASIS Advisor: Robert Biemesderfer

  • Internship Location: Equibliss

Car crashes are often addressed in terms of fatalities, but psychological effects are just as important, if not more important, to consider. These psychological effects impact the daily lives of many car crash survivors, yet people’s knowledge of these effects is usually limited to a loose understanding of PTSD. My project addresses this problem by working towards a broader general understanding of the effects of car crashes, along with developing a working theory that can add to the discussion and provide a new lens with which to view urgent care and therapeutic tactics. By working in tandem with a therapy service known as Equibliss, I will gain insight on new ideas that I can incorporate into my research. Equibliss uses a specialized form of therapy that works with horses to help people cope with traumatic events and mental issues, which will expand my horizons and allow me to think outside the box when tackling this project. The end goal is filling a gap in knowledge so we can provide effective and efficient care for post-crash life, along with spreading awareness and fostering a greater understanding of mental health.