• Project Title: Criminal Minds: The Use Forensic Psychology in Order to Investigate Criminal Offender Theory

  • BASIS Advisor: Dr. John Hight

  • Internship Location: Zolon Tech

  • Onsite Mentor: Jennifer Mercier

My senior project attempts to answer the question of whether or not we can and should use forensic psychology in order to correctly investigate multiple cases with the same offender. I will also further analyze the different subsets of specific offenders. Current forensic psychology on its own is not permissible in the court of law. Depending on future findings, this regulation can change and lawyers will be able to use it in addition to physical evidence to put away more dangerous criminals. The methods I am using to address the topic are the analysis of texts written by forensic professionals as well as official documents released by the FBI. For a final product, I will create a fictional short story where I will use the methods that I have studied to add credibility to the plot. The story will be informative enough that someone not versed in the field of forensic psychology will be able to learn its uses. I hope that my analysis in the field of forensic psychology within criminal offender profiling will further its use in investigations, add to public knowledge, and help make it permissible in a court of law. Through this, I also hope to find evidence to support the use of forensic psychology in other fields of criminal justice.