• Project Title: Criminal Minds: The Use of Forensic Psychology to Solve Missing Persons and Cold Cases

  • BASIS Advisor: Dr. John Hight

  • Internship Location: Zolon Tech

  • Onsite Mentor: Jennifer Mercier

My Senior Project attempts to answer the question of whether or not forensic psychology can and should be used to investigate missing or cold cases. Further analyzing the holes within the system of forensic psychology would provide a more substantial answer to whether or not it can be effectively applied in other fields of criminal study. Currently, forensic psychology is not permissible in court of law. The methods I will use in order to address my topic will be analyzing texts written by forensic psychologists, sociologists, and through official documents released by the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and the FBI. I will first analyze forensic psychology and learn about its adaptations, and about how to use/study it. I will analyze cold cases and missing person’s cases, some of which have been solved and some of which have not, in order to substantiate my findings. I hope to find a usable link between forensic psychology and missing and cold person’s cases that will be able to further the study of forensic psychology and help make it permissible in court of law.