• Project Title: Why We Shouldn't Ignore Small Island Developing States

  • BASIS Advisor: Megan Floyd

  • Internship Location: The World Bank

  • Onsite Mentor: Geeta Batra

Climate change has been brought to the forefront of global policies recently, with focus mainly being on global powers such as the US, China, and Russia. Hundreds of climate change policies have been implemented with the purpose of slowing down rising temperature. The policies are enacted with the purpose of how they mostly affect larger countries, without much thought to Small Island Developing States (SIDS), such as Haiti and St. Lucia. In my research project I hope to analyze the funds that have been allocated to the SIDS and determine if they were allocated and used effectively. The World Bank has access to the information necessary as well as has done research on this in the past, and I hope to utilize their resources.