• Project Title: The Affect of AI on Resource Spending for Law Firms

  • BASIS Advisor: Mark Lentz

  • Internship Location: PEPCO

  • Onsite Mentor: Shaila Ohra

Have you ever thought about what goes into a program that does jobs for humans? It is all based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence is programmed technology that makes tasks easier on humans and can perform them much faster. By focusing on how law firms use AI, this project will be able to show how AI has an impact on law firms and why firms decide to use AI. The goal of AI is to make law firms have a bigger client base, generate more revenue, and perform billing and administrative work. By studying the trends in how AI has directly affected resources spending on law firms and why firms decide to use certain AI programs, The project will formulate a pros and cons list to why a company should decide to use AI within their company as well as what programs benefit them. My role is to work within the technology operations team which will give me data and access to their resources charts regarding artificial intelligence. Through these records I will be able to make comparisons on how firms are spending money on their resources now and compare it to when artificial intelligence was not used at all by firms. By conducting this research, it will help firms decide whether to use Ai or not and which Ai programs to use for their benefit.