• Project Title: Color Palettes in Hex

  • BASIS Advisor: Rob Biemsderfer

  • Internship Location: GeneSiC Semiconductor Inc.

  • Onsite Mentor: Dr. Ranbir Singh

There are many details to consider when choosing the color palette for your new website. Whether it is an online store, a blog, or a photo gallery, the different colors have to be readable, well balanced, and eye-catching at the same time. It is easy to find your first color, but increasingly difficult to choose the rest of a well-balanced palette without concrete knowledge of color theory. In this project, I will attempt to use a quantitative approach to creating color palettes, generating palettes using their Hexadecimal code. This project categorizes and analyzes the composition of 100 most popular color palettes – found on ColourLovers, one of the biggest color palette review sites – in Hexadecimal. The result will use mathematical relationships between color codes to guide the generation of color palettes that are backed by both color theory and aesthetics.