• Project Title: Electrostatic Stabilization of Graphene and Gold Nanoparticles in Colloidal Suspension

  • BASIS Advisor: Rob Biemsderfer

  • Internship Location: Laboratory of Physical Science, University of Maryland

  • Onsite Mentor: Dr. Joyce Coppock

For my senior project, I will be exploring different existing theories regarding the stabilization and aggregation of colloidal particles. Mainly through electrostatic stabilization, I will find solvents and chemicals for the nanoparticle suspension that prevents or induces particle aggregation. Controlling the aggregation level of nano-particles can bring about important material properties. For example, gold nano-particles suspension changes colors because aggregation of the particles shifts the absorption spectrum peak. Controlling this aggregation level gives rise to different colored solutions that can be used in art. In other cases, a stable colloidal solution with a minimum amount of aggregation may be more desirable for scientific or medical purposes.