• Project Title: Coping with COVID: the U.S. Healthcare System and Mental Health Concerns

  • BASIS Advisor: Dr. Hartman

  • Internship Location: Community of Hope

  • Onsite Mentor: Susan Wallin

How has COVID-19 affected the need for psychological training among American general practitioners? Should all American general practitioners be required to receive additional psychological training in order to help patients cope with the stress of the pandemic? My project will attempt to answer these questions and illuminate how COVID-19 has changed the psychological states of patients in the U.S. healthcare system. Ultimately, this research would help equip the U.S. healthcare system to deal with the mental health challenges posed by the pandemic. In order to address these questions, I will undergo independent research using studies about the mental health effects of the pandemic in the United States. I will then analyze these effects and assess how psychology-focused continuing professional development programs could help prepare general practitioners to handle the current increase in pandemic-related mental health complaints. Additionally, I will integrate some of my internship experiences to add some qualitative data. I will be interning at Community of Hope, a volunteer organization that aims to combat health inequity by providing mental health resources to underprivileged individuals in Washington D.C. From this experience and my independent research, I hope to draw conclusions about additional psychological training that would help American general practitioners deal with the influx of patients with mental health concerns due to the pandemic.