• Project Title: What is my Computer Really Doing?

  • BASIS Advisor: Raul Rivera Pun

  • Internship Location: Unanet

  • Onsite Mentor: Steve Bittner

The working world is getting more efficient every day — tasks are completed faster than ever before. We have gotten this far by allowing computers to do the busy work and leaving the creative and critical thinking to humans. This busywork includes processing paperwork, filling in spreadsheets, and much more. While these computers often do not always complete whole jobs by themselves, the programs attempt to make the jobs of working people quicker. My Senior Project is to create a user interface that illustrates the workflow between multiple tasks, showing all error messages and presenting quick hyperlinks to the error origins, such as log files or other prompts. I will be completing this project for Unanet, a mid-size software company, and the final product will hopefully be sent to one of its clients along with a separate deliverable. To complete this project, I will first delve into various downloadable workflow packages that can be a base for the product as a whole. Then, I will continue by adding onto this base, stacking on each ability that I would like it to have. Finally, I will develop the user interface for the product, making the outward face of the deliverable. My research will streamline the productivity of Unanet and its clients, as well as anyone else that would want to use it.