• Project Title: The Impact of Governmental Policies during Covid-19

  • BASIS Advisor: Rob Biemsderfer

  • Internship Location: Harvard Business School

  • Onsite Mentor: Professor Zhu Feng

The wake of the spread of Covid 19 has caused some adverse effects worldwide in every aspect from health to education to businesses. The economy has been greatly affected where business and organizations are experiencing loses and reduction of profits. Profit and non-profit organizations are not an exception in this effect and therefore have to come up with ways to adjust to the current situations. I will be an intern in the financial department of “So what Else,” which is a non-profit organization. The internship will give me an opportunity to analyze the effects and impacts the organization has faced due to Covid 19. I plan to conduct interviews with the managers and ask more about the same and measures they are implementing to help them adapt. Going through their financial statements and analyzing them, especially the revenues and the expenses, will give more insight into the effects of Covid 19. The adaptation of both profit and non-profit organizations is important as well as putting measures that will help them overcome similar situations in future. Organization should use this pandemic as a wake-up call to always have a plan in place to deal and overcome such situations if they happen again in future.