At BASIS Independent McLean, middle school is a time for building strong foundational knowledge in a wide variety of subjects and building the student autonomy and self-discipline necessary for critical inquiry. After a focus on the fundamentals and highlighting the interconnectivity between their subjects in the Primary Years, the middle school curriculum encourages students to discover and make connections organically through coursework in three different sciences (biology, chemistry, physics), Latin, logic, world history, and more. It’s in middle school where students discover how powerful their knowledge is.

Subject Expert Teachers with deep experience in their chosen field are at the helm of each class, using their passion for their subject to inspire students to find success in one of the most comprehensive and advanced middle school programs in the world. With students managing a full schedule (including a plethora of extracurricular options!) and moving from class to class every 50 minutes, we make sure to equip them with strategies for successful time management and self-organization.